About Us

We are a team of three individuals with a shared vision of changing the prevailing perception of Ayurveda in India. Despite being one of the oldest medical systems, Ayurveda often faces skepticism, and people hesitate to embrace it as readily as conventional chemical-based medicines.

At Five Line Health Care, we focus exclusively on healthcare. We operate as an E-commerce marketplace and Ayurvedic medicine consultation platform, aiming to bridge the gap between traditional wisdom and modern practices. Our commitment goes beyond commerce. We empower sellers with a deep understanding of diverse market products, fostering informed choices.

Our mission to contribute to societal well-being is marked by the creation of 'AYURGRID,' our groundbreaking software. This software addresses prevalent misconceptions about Ayurvedic gems, and we navigate the realms of Ayurveda, Herbal, Organic, Natural, and more. We consider it a privilege to contribute to the understanding and integration of these valuable practices in the body's healing journey.

Our Mission and Vision


At Five Line Health Care, our mission is to provide personalized and accessible healthcare solutions that promote preventive care and improve the well-being of our communities. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and fostering collaboration, we aim to make a positive impact on the future of healthcare, one life at a time.


At Five Line Health Care, our vision is to pioneer transformative healthcare solutions, seamlessly integrating innovation and compassion. We aspire to redefine the landscape of wellness, fostering a healthier and happier world through cutting-edge technologies, holistic approaches, and unwavering dedication to the well-being of individuals and communities.

Our Team

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Radha Nayak



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